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Transformational Leadership Program 2022

Peddle Thorp is committed to being a key influence in Australian environmentally responsible and
sustainable architecture.

Our goal to be a recognised thought leader in this highly competitive space requires more of us than just an effective collaboration of skills; it requires having a gravitas of relevance that our desired clients turn toward.

We have long recognised that ‘our people are our pathway’ toward achieving this goal and we recognise the value of investing in them as a valued resource.

Building upon a culture that recognises the value of contribution, we are now encouraging people to ‘step up’ and take the opportunity to participate in this program and directly influence decisions that affect them and the future direction of Peddle Thorp.

In collaboration with Enact Solutions we are devoting important resources toward leadership development programs that strengthen Peddle Thorp’s environment of excellence.

Informed by values of inclusion, accountability, flexibility, contribution and connection, the program seeks to nourish the talent in our team and support participants to be ‘the very best they can be’.



Peddle Thorp staff who choose to participate in the program will learn individual and interpersonal skills and knowledge as to how to get the most out of themselves and effectively and ethically
influence their peers.

Participants will be supported to connect with their personal passion and explore ways of accelerating their career by aligning the development of that passion with the growth of the

It is our hope that with through this experience you will come to realise that there is no place you’d rather be than as an integral part of the Peddle Thorp vision, mission and family.


Program Overview

With 15-20 participants in each cohort, the leadership development program is designed to build capacity in individual, interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness by teaching skills and strategies to promote better decision-making and behaviour. After the initial cohort, a second cohort will be offered.

We will teach leadership styles that help to maximise yours and others’ natural strengths, while equipping you to better address challenges that may arise from differences in approach, personality, or expectations when working toward a shared goal.

01. Self-Awareness & Resilience | February 2022

Through a series of individual surveys, personalised feedback and tailored coaching sessions participants will learn their natural strengths and identify areas that may present challenges. This unit teaches skills for identifying and managing mental and emotional states and provides effective strategies to improve the quality of performance across diverse contexts.

This unit is comprised of:

  • 360 degree survey and individual feedback session
  • Half day Workshop:

    Awareness and State Management
    The journey of effective leadership begins with self-leadership. This workshop teaches practical skills to better manage your own mental, emotional and physical states. You will learn how to identify physiological markers in yourself and others that can inform behaviour toward better outcomes.

02. Emotional Intelligence | March 2022

Relationships are the key to success. In most cases EQ is now regarded as more important than IQ. Understanding the fundamentals of human connection and the tension that exists between our yearning for connection versus autonomy provides powerful insight into managing ourselves and others. This unit emphasises the importance of empathy and develops skills for building trust and positive sentiment that can become a foundation for better personal and working relationships.

This unit is comprised of:

2 x Half Day Workshops:

Identifying, Communicating and Responding to Needs
All behaviour is communication. All communication is a desire to have a need met. This workshop introduces a useful framework for identifying needs and responding to them in a way that strengthens relationships. The workshops will explore the power of empathy and it’s role in deepening rapport and cultivating positives synergies within teams.  

03. Effective Communication | April 2022

Effective communication skills provide a critical framework for successful outcomes in both personal and professional contexts. Learning skills to identify and respond to the needs of others while maintaining the integrity of individual and professional boundaries is a vital leadership skill. This stage of the program will focus upon ‘needs-based communication’ and the power of empathy as a tool for supporting and ethically influencing peers. It will also provide important frameworks for addressing conflict when it arises.

This unit is comprised of:

2 x Half Day Workshops:

Empathy, Negotiation & Managing Differences

Building upon the previous unit the focus is now upon how to use empathy to direct action, negotiate outcomes, manage differences, and resolve conflict. It will also explore defining and affirming roles and boundaries and their importance in effective leadership.

04. Designing Compelling Futures | May 2022

A vision that inspires others to happily commit their time and energy toward fulfilling it requires several essential ingredients. More than just a strategic vision of the future, a leader must engage their teams to see themselves as a part of it. Applying the skills of emotional intelligence and effective communication participants will be challenged to construct and communicate a vision for the future that meets their personal and professional goals but also inspires others to want to get involved.

This unit is comprised of:

  • Individual check-in session
  • 1 x Half Day Workshop: Connecting with Core Drivers


05. Leadership Styles & Culture | June 2022

Effectively leading others requires mental, emotional and behavioural flexibility and is best supported with a ‘toolkit’ of strategies that can be applied in different contexts. This unit covers leadership theories and practices and helps to identify appropriate leadership styles for different circumstances. It emphasises the value of inclusivity in decision-making, collaborative approaches to problem-solving, and methods for keeping individuals and teams motivated.

This unit is comprised of:

  • 1 x Half Day Workshop: 7 Leadership Styles & Their Applications
06. Managing Time & Energy Effectively

Nature is constantly seeking the greatest outcome for the least expenditure of energy. Effective leaders are no different. Time and energy management needs to be considered across individual and team environments but also across the broader contexts within which an organisation exists. This unit covers systemic thinking, the power of managing your own attention, building better habits, minimising mistakes, and the value of feedback in all its forms.

This unit is comprised of:

  • 1 x Half Day Workshop: Systems of Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this Program?

All members of an organisation influence themselves and each other through their behaviours. Behaviours are driven by past learning as well as by underlying beliefs and values. Peddle Thorp views leadership broadly and considers all team members to have leadership qualities. This program is a whole-of-organisation approach to enhance our organisational culture and upskill our people regarding self-leadership and collaborative communication. 

Who is facilitating this Program?

Jeremy Gates and Dr Rachel Hannam from Enact Solutions are HR consultants and communications experts. Together they will be facilitating the whole program.

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How will the Program kick off?

The first Cohort of this Program will officially begin the Program with a 360-Degree Feedback process.

360-Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports.

A mixture of about eight to twelve people fill out an anonymous online feedback form that asks questions covering a range of interpersonal and workplace competencies. Through the process, participants gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

360-Feedback is useful for managers and non-managers alike. It helps people be more effective in their current roles, and helps them understand what areas they should focus on if they want to move into a management role. The survey takes each person approximately 10 to 12 minutes to complete. The finalised reports will be emailed to your Consultants (Jeremy and Rachel). 

Electronic copies will be emailed directly to you (and no one else) before the first workshop and you will be invited to contact us directly if you want to discuss the report individually at the start of the Program.

What is the time-frame for this Program?

The program kicks off in February 2022 and it will officially finish around August 2022.

After that time, a second Cohort will begin. Offers for Cohort 2 will take place around April 2022. Cohort 2 will begin in June/July 2022.

How much time is involved?

The Program involves two half-day workshops per month (on Friday afternoons) for the first half of the program (Feb/March/April) followed by just one half-day workshop in the second half of the Program (May/June/July). This is called the ‘mass-and-fade’ model of learning, where learning starts off more intensively and ‘fades’ over time. We will offer you activities or homework between workshops if you wish to learn more. We will also be offering two individual coaching sessions over the course of the Program to discuss your 360 Degree Feedback results and professional growth plan to support implementation of your learnings.

What will I get out of this?

This is a developmental opportunity. At no point will your results from any survey or questionnaire or anything you say or do during the Program be used to evaluate your job performance. You will gain insights into your strengths, your areas for growth, and your underlying values as well as be supported towards your professional goals. The material you learn is also likely to help you in your personal life as well, since the focus is on getting to know yourself more and interacting more effectively and authentically with other people.

What if I miss out on the first Cohort?

We are hopeful that a second Cohort will begin about half-way through 2022. 

Will my bosses be involved at all?

Not directly; they will not be at the workshops. And they will certainly not see your 360 Degree Feedback Results. However, we will be running workshops with Wim, Brett & Peter as well to ensure they have the same content and language as you, to share the knowledge across the organisation.

Can I speak to the Facilitators before I apply?

Of course. Please call Jeremy on 0425 333 369 or Rachel on 0478 789 321 to find out more.

Program Facilitators

Dr. Rachel Hannam

Dr. Rachel Hannam

Rachel is an endorsed organisational psychologist and a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi). She uses a range of evidence-based approaches and needs-focussed techniques, including nonviolent communication (NVC) or compassionate communication, to strengthen professional relationships and assist individuals, teams and organisations to flourish.

Rachel has worked for years as an organisational consultant and coach. She has conducted challenging mediations, helped organisations improve their workplace culture, and coached employees through difficult transitions in their lives. Rachel brings wisdom and insight to her work as an executive coach and facilitator, drawing on her deep understanding of human psychology. She has facilitated a wide range of leadership and management programs, including executive and team development programs, resilience building, restorative practices, and organisational change.

Rachel is passionate, caring and results-oriented. Her professional demeanour is open-hearted, objective and unbiased. She encourages clients to take control of their destiny by taking responsibility for their feelings, needs, motivations, and actions.

Jeremy Gates

Jeremy Gates

,Jeremy is a warm-hearted and intelligent coach and facilitator. His ability to utilise this extensive repertoire enables him to set realistic goals and stimulate new resources, new choices, and new insights that naturally lead to meaningful mental, emotional and behavioural changes.

Jeremy’s coaching and counselling approach incorporates strategies and interventions from Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP (used by NASA), Gottman Family & Couples Therapy, Clean Language and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) mediation.

As a Facilitator, Coach and Therapist, Jeremy undergoes a thorough assessment of the team or organisational situation and integrates research-based interventions. He supports people to strengthen their relationships with themselves and others, to improve conflict management skills, and create shared meanings. He helps them learn to replace negative, unhelpful patterns with positive and more effective approaches. He applies interventions to enhance self-leadership and create changes which help his clients achieve their goals.

Who Are Enact Solutions? 

Enact Solutions is a consulting group founded in 2014 by Dr Rachel Hannam, an organisational psychologist. Rachel also practices psychology in a clinical context and owns North Brisbane Psychologists. With Enact Solutions, she has brought together a small team of consultants to offer organisational development services. Jeremy Gates will be joining her in leading this program. Jeremy is a communication specialist, relationship counsellor, mediator and leadership consultant. Enact Solutions may be contacted on 1300 669 338 or 0425 333 369.

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